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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chp 195. Blood is spilled - a voice cries out.

Blood is spilled in the land of Peace.
Four innocent lives,
washed away like paper boat against a tempest.

Tonight four families weep in sorrow.
But pray, be strong,
for the whole of Mizoram weeps with you.

My Mizoram - land of such serene tranquility.
And yet today,
the radicals proclaim "T’is only the beginning"!

I wonder where the wind will blow from here.
Will we revert,
to the days when guns were louder than free will?

No, the power of conscience must not falter!
Kindred we are,
and no ethnic differences can refute that claim.

Memories open floodgates of Isaac L.Hmar.
Brutally murdered,
by the very same people with such bloodied hands.

Oh hatred, how quick is your execution.
With a flash,
you've delivered your judgment with no remorse.

Chaos and unrest you spew out like venom.
Mindless violence,
sounds contradictory to the paradise I call “Home”.

Did those four innocents spill blood in vain?
Hell NO!
for the Mizo kindred bond is now stronger than ever!


Rest in peace R.Lalrindika, B.Lalchunglura, Lalremthanga and David Rualthankhuma. God bless.


Banno said...

I share in your grief.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kima,i serendipitously stumbled upon your blog recently and i immensely admire your flair for writing.Hey,the first thing i always do when i'm on the net is to go to your blog.My profound condolence to the bereaved family. Eagerly awaiting for your next insightful writing.

illusionaire said...

@ banno: You're most welcome to. Things like this happen occasionally in the North-east, but never in Mizoram. We have earned the reputation of being the most peaceful state in the NE, free of any "militant" activities, but the ghastly incident a few days back may change all that... :-(

@ Rini: Thank you for your visit. And I am extremely honored for your kind words given away so generously. I'm glad I could entertain you and hope you continue to visit my blog.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

ku Kim, Nice read as usual.

Calliopia said...

I'm so glad you chose to immortalise these men here. How vile terrorists are!

One little thing. Instead of "Did those four innocent bloods spill in vain?" you might want to change that to "Did those four innocents spill blood in vain?" Blood being an uncountable noun...

mesjay said...

That was real shocking and shattering news from 'most peaceful state in the northeast'. All who care for Mizoram need to pray and work for its peace. Your poem has aptly expressed the sentiment of all of us. Well done.

Joseph said...


Almost Unreal said...

God bless

Sercop said...

I hope their soul R.I.P

toy soldier said...

Dont knw what to write..but feel the need to comment
May their soul rest in peace..God be with the fam'.

Pixie said...

God Bless...
I hope their souls rest in peace and their families have the strength to pull thru...

illusionaire said...

@ seki: thanx ka pu.

@ calliopia: Thanx. That sounds much better. I will change it.

@ mesjay: Thanx. I really hope we don't return to our rambuai days. :(

@ Joseph: Thanx. You too!

@ almost: May their souls find eternal peace.

@ sercop: I wish for the same too. Thanx for stopping by.

@ toy soldier: We'll remember them in our prayers. The power of a prayer is huge.

@ Pixie: Thanx Pixie. I hope for the same too. It's an ugly world when there is violence.

Gabriel said...

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