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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Chp 145. Be careful what you post…

…even if you delete it immediately! Big Brother records everything once you click on that “publish” button.

Sure we have heard numerous advices about putting any incriminating photographs on the web, because anyone can lay their hands on it. But what about blog posts? Yep, that is also vulnerable to our spying eyes.

But what about blog posts that you wrote out of a brief moment’s anger or passion, and then realized immediately after publishing it that it is too embarrassing, and deleted immediately? Hell yeah, THAT is also available to us!

You don’t need to be a tech wiz or a freckled hacker to read such deleted posts. Simply subscribe to their post feeds, and viola, you have the power to black-mail such people! lolz.

My good friend BlackWhite (Jimmy), the Admin of made such a post 2 days back. When I read his post through my bloglines feed, I laughed my ass out and immediately went over to his blog. But he had already deleted his post by then.

Given below is his deleted topic. However I would advice you not to do such a thing to people you know. I’m only doing it because Jimmy is like a brother to me, the brother I never had, one of my closest friends, and we take each other’s trip this way. It may be considered a very mean thing to do on my part by people who don’t know the extent of my relationship with Jimmy, but trust me, this is how we pull each other's legs.
I crib a lot about the time I spent in Poona. Whenever I'm asked about that place, I have a smirk, and a smile in my face.
"Poona's a great place, I loved it!'s a different thing, but I was quite lonely out there :)"
"Oh, you didn't have friends or what?"
"Yeah, kind of...I was quite lonely out there" *weary smile :)*

Now that's what 'I USED' to think of loneliness as...No friends, no family next to me.

When I think of it now, I guess I was never lonely, i JUST 'felt' lonely and I was making myself THINK that I was lonely...Why? I was missing a person who never missed me. Sad eh?
That’s his deleted post. The link is this but you will only get a “Page not found 404 error” if you click on it since he deleted it.

Why did he delete it?

Because of the obvious reason that people like Jimmy belong to the category of males who consider being sentimental as feminine, and that a guy shouldn’t say all those stuff because it’s against the very principle of masculinity and machismo.

Don’t blame Jimmy. Blame the system.

I laughed at him because it was soooooo not him to write such a “senti” and “cute” post. But if we can look beyond the humor of all these, there is the serious issue of him being lonely. The internet revolution brought people closer to each other, and so let us show him that as an online community, he shouldn’t be feeling lonely or sad all alone in his little pad in Chennai.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then please drop in at his blog nohiddendepths and leave a short message, just a short, simple and sweet message to cheer him up, and let him know that there are caring strangers all around ready to make him smile any time.

You can leave the comment on his latest post, or his shoutbox. Tell him that missing somebody who doesn’t miss him back is painful, but it’s also natural for people to experience that. Tell him that’s life. Also tell him that there’s nothing wrong in being “senti” about one’s love and emotion, even for a guy. Show him love, brothers and sisters.

I would greatly and deeply appreciate it if you do that. The mizohican graciously thanks you in advance.

Over all, there is another important lesson to be learnt from all these. Never mix alcohol and blogging!


J@n!ce said...

I took a peep over at Jimmy's. If that's him in the photo I see from one of the post. I thought he looked like a friendly Korean guy...:):)

Janice Ng

Mariuca said...

Hola Sandman! I gather ur an Arsenal fan?

I like the live traffic feed you have on ur blog! Just dropping by to wish u a great day! :):):)

Genie Princess

Mizohican said...

@ Janice : Actually, yeah I think he is Korean. lolz. Why don't you ask him? :) He's an amazing chap. Called him up last night about my post, and he went "bastaaaard" but doesn't mind the coverage. Loveeee to irritate him this way. lolz!

@ Mariuca: Yes of course! Die-hard Arsenal fan since the days of Ian Wright and David Seaman. :) You're a Gunners fan too? Thanx for the wish, dear Marzie, wish you a great day too.

Trix said...

Have you been a naughty boy again, Sandman ??
I am just glad that you have such an understanding friend, which is something we all need in life, someone we can kid around with and who understands us online.
I see nothing wrong with being sentimental in a post, its what Blogging is all about :))

I will go and say hi to your buddy as well !
Try not to get up to anymore naughtiness while I am away :)


Anonymous said...

Ruatkim - an off-topic question regarding the picture at the bottom of the page (Chaltlang South Beginners Department). Isn't this Sawmi's department? Can't find her!

Mizohican said...

@ Jesse The Cat: Yes, Jesse, I am very fortunate to have a very understanding friend. Jimmy's an amazing guy. But sometimes we must also be careful not to cross the line by taking each other for granted, and I took every precaution by informing him about the post etc.

@ U Mazami: Yes, that is indeed Sawmi's department, and yes she is indeed a part of the "choir" that won the competition, but she is not in the picture. I don't know why and I can't figure out how. Ask her mom.

Jerusha said...

An apt thing to do for the king of sentiments! :-) You, sir, are definitely the most sentimental wuss I've ever known. Sweet. :P

Really - that's the most endearing thing about you. And the message about Jim and all that - awwwwww. Again - sweet.

forgive me for calling you wuss. You're the sweetest. Uang miah lo in. :)

Mizohican said...

Yes I know you have a crush on me, but do you have to make it so public? :-P

Jerusha said...

hahaha - sentimental wuss. Also cocky wuss~! :P

Zorami said...

speaking of u Jimmy, he was d one who introduced me to kima's blog )

Mizohican said...

@ zr-i : I thank him for doing that :) But still, I will endlessly take his trip whenever the occasion arises. lolz.

@ Jerusha: Please, do not mention that c*** word here. This is a family blog :-P

awitei said...

heyy thanks for giving this link...wasnt deleting my post...poor me,thot it will be published anyhow once it got published wen u clicked save as draft...tats y