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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chp 152. Double Rainbow

October 31st: Updated with new Pictures!

Featuring my first YouTube video displayed below, this post is a precursor to the many upcoming posts here at “illusionaire” on the breathtaking sceneries of Mizoram. The ILP and RAP may make it difficult for tourists and foreigners to visit Mizoram, but bloggers worldwide cannot be denied such an idyllic view of Mizoram thanks to the internet.
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Chp 102. Pics: Sunrise from my Room.
Here you go, the rarely occurring phenomenon of a double rainbow, right here in Mizoram.

I took this short 30 seconds amateur clip on September 2007 from my room with a Sony Digicam. It was right after a brief winter monsoon shower in Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram. The clip, short as it already was, further lost its clarity when I converted it from .avi to .wmv because I’m new at YouTube and I don’t know how to upload .avi files (is it possible to do that?). I then filtered out the noise and superimposed a different music track, one of my all time favorite songs and a song that I feel perfectly matches the scenery: “Return to serenity” by Testament.

Testament – Return to Serenity.

I’m gonna take you
To a place far from here
No one will see us
Watch the pain as it disappears

No time for anger
No time for despair
Won’t you come with me
There’s room for us there

This innocent beauty
My words can’t describe
This rebirth to purity
Brings a sullen tear right to your eyes

No time for anger
No time for despair
Please let me take you
’cause I’m already there

I’m so alone
My head’s my home
I’ll return to serenity

Explanation for a “double rainbow” is given at “The Double Rainbow”.
Every once in a while, if you get lucky, you may see a second rainbow on the outside of the first, brighter rainbow. This is the "secondary rainbow" which occurs when raindrops high in the atmosphere refract and reflect light back to the viewer.

These raindrops are higher than those which cause the "primary rainbow" and are special because they internally reflect the incoming sunlight twice rather than just once.

Updated on 31st October :

Since my dear friend Sowmya was talking about what lies at the end of the rainbow, I thought I will display this other set of pictures taken around the same time as the “double rainbow”.

Given below is a picture of Ramhlun Vengthar Presbyterian Church. Note the magical rainbow!

Of course under the maximum possible zoom, the rainbow doesn’t look as splendor and grandeur as before. It kinda looks more like some weird photo-film exposure during its development or something like that.

I guess to the Christian faithful, the architect, the artist, the naturalist, and the conspiracy theorist, that Church could very well be a metaphor for the mythical Pot of Gold. But be it a doctrine on theology or a secular implication, one can’t help admiring the spectacular scene.


PnB said...

i quite like the first picture.

Mizohican said...

Hehe... I like the third :)

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Thlalak chu nalh hlawm ve aw.Eng Camera/Sony nge i hman a?

Rainbow rau rau ah chuan,Rainbow Black & White hi nalh ka ti mah mah zawk..:DD

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Leh lawks,ziah zawh hma in lo hmet palh a lawm le..:)

Double Rainbow zam lai hmu chu an sam zawi zawi in atla kawlh duh an tiiiiii :P:))

Mizohican said...

lolz... Rainbow B&W chu le... nang nge nge :-P

Sam tlak lamah chuan, chuti chu, nang chu Double Rainbow zung ah a ni maw i piang? :))

Philo said...

Surreal and beautiful.

Mizohican said...


emilayusof said...

Wow Sandman! You're so lucky to see the double rainbow! The pictures are beautiful!

Jerusha said...

Moving pic kha I tawk rang e, chuan rei deuh bawk se perfecto ni mai. Van nalh tak em kan ram hi chu distance atrang hi chuan..

sowmya said...

All i can think of , are the pot"s" of gold at the ends of two rainbows!! :P
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!

Pixie said...

Simply Awesome! :-)

Almostunreal said...


nalh bon thruai hlom..can't decide which one is my favorite :)

Reel Production said...

Hey Kim, can u link my blog at to HYBRID THEORY instead because that blank post was just some mistakes :P lolz thanks!!

Mizohican said...

@ reel production: Hahaha! I will change the link to your previous post. Actually I linked it to that blank post you made by mistake because I found that blank post to be really funny! :))

@ Almost Unreal: Actually I could have taken more but my camera battery died after that :-( I wasn't expecting such a sight too. It was my niece who came running into my room while I was slogging for the MCS exam to take a look at the "strange" two rainbows outside. It was clearly visible from your house too.

@ Pixie: Amen to that. That's the beauty of Mizoram ;) I will update my blog with more such pictures in the upcoming future, for you all to feast your eyes on. Ah the serenity!

Mizohican said...

@ sowmya: Yes I swear! But don't forget about the two mischievous leprechauns who will be there instead of one! :)

Since you mentioned about the pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow, I am updating this post with another picture I took at that same time. Check out what is lying at the end of the rainbow.

@ Jerusha: I know :( But when I took that clip, I wasn't planning on putting it up on the net or anything. I just saw it, struck me speechless and I took a quick clip from my Digicam before the battery died. And then that phenomenon passed away as quickly as it appeared.

@ Emila: I'm not surprised you genuinely appreciate the beauty of this picture. We artist share a similar passion towards such immaculate beauty. And I am so shameless putting myself in your category by using the word "we", lolz! But it is truly an honor to get a visit from the greatest artist cum blogger I know.

Anonymous said...

Stupid mizo...You spoiled the view with the music :P
nonetheless, beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sand.. thanks for sharing the beautiful double rainbows.

PS: They are rare only when you want to see them from your bedroom balcony ;-). I've seen them many times when I was a kid. Not from my bedroom, of course.. Wonder how many kids in other parts of India have not seen rainbows. Poor thing.

Mizohican said...

@ Matey: Well for me it was a first :) I will try uploading the original 30 secs clip after I figure out how to convert from .avi to .wmv without any loss in quality. The original is veryyyy clear and 100 times more beautiful.

@ Jimmy: Useless Mizo, that music ameliorated the mood rather than spoiled it. I'm sorry but you gotta be a non-Zombie to truly appreciate such a masterpiece combination of audio and visual effect :-P

Ps. Bro, how do I convert from .avi to .wmv without screwing up the quality. All the converters I have reduce the quality :-( I have no problem converting from .mpg to .avi or vice versa regarding quality control, but I am having problems with .wmv format :(

Anonymous said...

Sand, you will find many video tutorials for such on youtube. I learned how to use Windows Movie Maker from one of those :-)

Something like this

Anonymous said...

If you go to that maybe able to find something similar..


I sent you a message on your mobile. You never replied. BumAss.

Mizohican said...

Thanx Matey, will look to it. By the way, what msg??????? I didn't get any sms from you. I think I scrapped you at orkut a long time back, but I never logged in again at orkut. Other than that, haven't got any contact from you except on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I sent a text message to the mobile phone that you sent me on orkut. Guess you changed your number again.

Now, take a look at the video link I sent. Do exactly as she say except, import the avi video file instead of images. She also talks about how to save the video files.

Jinx said...

You're so lucky! Can't remember the last time I saw a rainbow :(

Mizohican said...

@ Jinx: Yay! Three cheers for Lady luck :)

@ Matey: No I haven't changed my number since I came to Delhi 6 months ago. Send me the msg again please. You probably sent it to the wrong number, or to my correct number while I was in Mizoram (I went home recently for 2 months). Hence that msg must have been deleted from the server. And yes I will follow your instructions soon. Right now I am a bit tied up.

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

sandman, i love rainbow. And i hardly can see a rainbow here, what's more you have a complete view of double rainbow. It's beautiful! No, it's way beyond beautiful! It's awesome!

thanks for sharing with us. I'd really enjoy watching the short clip. I am so amazed andit reminds me of God's promise. :) Have a nice day, sandman!

oh, before i forgot, you've been tricked and 'treating' at my blog!

Anonymous said...

breathtaking! Mahse ka duh aiin vid khi i la rang pop pop lutuk a! Tlemin ha la muang deuh raih la....with kenny G as background music...what say??


avena said...

a nalh hle mai. chhimbal hi bible ah khan eng entirna nge ni kha?? :))

Puii-Mac Lover said...

WOw...awesome pics..

Mizohican said...

@ Jean: Oh!!!!! I've been trick or treated! Thank you so much dear Jean. By the way, Happy Halloween to you. Here in India, Halloween is not a big thing in our society :) But yes I've been to a couple of Halloween parties before but they are nothing like the ones in the Western World.

@ Puii Colney: Thanx. I guess the view is more beautiful here in Mizoram than there in Maryland :-P

@ Avena: Ka hriat ve dan chuan, chhimbal hi chu Bible ah chuan Pathian in Nova hnenah Tui let tawp tur chhinchhiah nan a rawn siam tih vel a ni in ka hria. Chuan "Thuthlung Bawm" leh Thal tihvel lampang ah pawh significance chu a nei nual bawkin ka hria. I also remember reading somewhere that "rainbow crosses" have something to do with Gay Christian Organizations or something like that. Thats all I know about rainbows and their significances when it comes to Christianity. Google ah a tam ang :)

@ Mona: Nia, ka hria. Ka lo ngaihtuah lo reng reng a, nakina post leh tur tih vel. Ka phur lutuk kha ka la rang ta lutuk a ni e :)

Anonymous said...

You listen to Testament!!!!! Pardon me for asking, but you dont seem like someone who would listen to metal.

Anonymous said...

Nalh hlawm hle mai a, zahpui awm loh hle mai

PnB said...

hello there. i just wanted to let you know that i registered our blog to your mizo directory thing. um, i didn't write in third person though. i hope that's okay?

Mizohican said...

@ a & z: Yes I received your registration. I will update it soon. Why use "P & B" ??? How many letters of the alphabet do you guys use? lolz. Thanx for registering.

@ dultea: Zahpui awmlo bawn tawps :) Thanx for commenting.

@ anonymous: Hehe. Guess there are many things about me you don't know :) As my closest friends always say, my Blog personality is quite different from my real personality.... :)

Trix said...

Thanks for the double your double rainbow, they sure cheered me up ! The reason I havent been active in the blogosphere is that my pc crashed and I was busy fixing it.I managed to do that like an hour ago.You are the first blog I visited after my forced, wonder why that is ?? :)
Oh, and the reason for the comment moderation is that I have someone who spams my blog now, at an active rate.I actually saw him spamming a few other buddies blogs and all I could do is to moderate comments for a far it hasnt stopped him, he is still sending several comments a day, even tho he knows the comments are moderated, hows that for persistence, lol ! :)
Hope you are doing excellently

PnB said...

and oh, if it's not too late, could you please write our online nick as 'aero-zep'. merci.

Anonymous said...

Sandman is a diamond. He's got many facets...

Mizohican said...

@ Jesse: Awww that is really sweet of you Jess. I feel so honored to be the first blog you visit! Lolz about the spammer. Even I have moderated my comments now, not because of spam but something else. But still, it does sux to moderate but there's nothing we can do about it... And did I hear you right? Did you just say YOU fixed your crashed PC by yourself? Wow! *GRIN*

@ A&Z: Oui, tout le plasir est a moi :) You can check out the directory now.

@ Matey: "Facets"? I'm sure the word you were looking for is "faces". :-P And where is my phone call????

Anonymous said...

How about "Tout le plaisir est pour moi"

I will call you on Sunday. Tonight i'm out having Hampton steak. I'm being dump and I'm going to lick my wound with some fine wine. Think it will heal fast? I think so.

Mizohican said...

To-may-toe To-maa-toe


You being dumped? Again? awwwwwwww.... Of course a steak will heal it, dear. You're still in Bangalore right? Try Millers 46 on Millers road. Also ask for the Long Island Ice Tea pitcher to go with it :) Trust me, that place can heal all wounds ;)

s.n.m said...

i have to admit..mizoram is beautiful..but hyderabad sucks (am here till tommm luckily) this place is did u survive?

PnB said...

changed names again. hello, aero-zep dotblogspotdotcom. "share a common passion for photography" hahah, but my boy doesn't take pictures :(
and another thing, can you please please change the b&w picture to this icon that i'm using? we like to be mysterious, you see.

Anonymous said...

gee, sorry I missed our your comment on .avi to .wmv converters. Don't know if this is the best source, but you can check out these posts at lifehacker and digg. Check out the comments on the posts too, most of the users have mentioned some really good alternatives.
And what the heck is ameliorated supposed to mean? can't we just use "make better"? :P

Shahnaz Kimi said...

nice pictures...I did not know that you are a photographer as well:-))

Unknown said...

Hey Kima,

Really nice reading your Blogs man, this is Mohammed from Saudi, ur classmate in Montfort ..:) are u?

Anonymous said...

Don't say "again" in public. Anyway, this is the first time.

Thanks for the suggestion. Never heard of Millers 46. Will try that next time :)

We're going to dance Solakia on MSA day. Will send you the video if you want.

Mizohican said...

@ s.n.m : Oh whatcha doing in Hyderabad anyway???? It must be pretty cold by now over there. I survived because of Kini and the gang, and our nightly ritual of partying at "Secret Lake". Love the place!!!

@ a&z: No mystery is worth its demystification once you register at the Mizo Blog Directory :-P Sorry, no can do. :) And your new name, thats too longggg to be listed there :)

@ Jimmy: Ok fine. Then we shall "make better" the video quality ok? By the way, about the layout, can you please "make better" the comment section? Thanx. Hey, your hairstyle doesn't look good. Why don't you "make better" it at the salon? Serious I think our english usage sux. Lets "make better" it. Ok?

:-P :-P :-P

Mizohican said...

@ shahnaz: Well, I did not know it myself either :-P

@ Mohammed: Heyyyyyy!!! Nice of you to drop by! How you've been man? And How did you find out about my blog? :) And how come your blog is set to private?

@ matey: ooops! So sorry, I forgot I shouldn't have mentioned all that in public. After all, we don't want to let others know how frequently you get dumped right? I promise I won't mention it in public again. Ooops I just did it again! Sorry :(

Millers 46 is THE BEST steak house in Bangalore. Seriously. You'll love it. Screw all heart breaks and heart burns, Miller 46 is the place to heal all wounds.

You dancing Solakia? Kewl! Of course send me the vids!

PnB said...

no no, i meant rumpleskin to i don't think aero-zep is that long!

Mizohican said...

Oh! Ok I will change it soon. I thought you meant you wanted to change your nick from aero-zep to aero-zepdotblogspotdotcom *GRIN*

Now I have to change my bloglines feed AGAIN!!!! Grrrrr

Henry said...

Someone said: " kan ram hi chu thlalak atrang hi chuan a nalh mo le!". A va han dik kher em....


Anonymous said...

Alright,enough now..Bleh Bleh

Did you see my message?

Mizohican said...

@ sercop: That is indeed true :)

@ Matey: Hmu eeeeeee.

Mariuca said...

Simply amazing! Great pics Sandman! :):):)

Mizohican said...

Thanx a ton Marzie :) :) :)

dolly said...

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