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Friday, October 19, 2007

Chp 150. Mizoram: The Church.

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There are 2000+ local Church/Corps/Parish in Mizoram. And from the small balcony of my room, I can see at least 20. For my Mizo visitors out there, I would greatly appreciate it if you can tell me the names of the Church that are not mentioned below, and also correct me if I have made any mistake in labeling them.

My tiny room, perched on the green hills of Chaltlang (Chaltlang South), has one of the best view-points in our locality. That spot has served as a great inspiration when I wrote my poems such as Mizoram, My Mizoram! and other Mizoram-centric articles. It is also the same balcony from where I published my Sunrise Pics from my room post.

Looking around, I decided to photograph some of the Churches that I can see from there. I have zoomed as much as I could and labeled them accordingly. Please do help me out in completing the list. Thanx.

The moment I step outside my room, three Churches are immediately visible below.

1. Ramhlun North Presbyterian Church.
2. Ramhlun Vengthar Presbyterian Church.
3. Chaltlang Baptist Church (I think).

This next picture is a new construction that came up recently. We are not sure if it is a Church or a community hall…

4. ???

On my immediate left, are the Chaltlang Presbyterian Church and Salvation Corp. I was once a member of the Chaltlang Presbyterian Church, until our Church elders decided that there were too many members coming to such a limited space Church (natural Population explosion), so they split us into Chaltlang and Chaltlang South Presbyteries. But till today, many members who are now a part of Chaltlang South, still go to Chaltlang Church, not heeding the elders’ words. Their justification is that since they’ve been a member of Chaltlang Presbytery since its inception, they don’t want to change. The Church elders too simply acknowledged to such wishes. Hence another interesting topic for discussion.

5. Chaltlang Presbyterian Church.
6. Aizawl Theological College.
7. Chaltlang Salvation Corp.

Looking on my right, at the Laipuitlang slope, I can spot two Churches. And then I saw another one, which I think may or may not be a Church. Anybody from that locality can confirm it for me.

8. Laipuitlang Presbyterian Church.

In front of me are Zemabawk and the surrounding areas (Thuampui etc). I have no idea what localities are those and what Churches are they. Here too, I will really appreciate it if you can help me out.


On my far right, beyond Laipuitlang, I see a couple of Churches. Do fill me in on this section too, because my knowledge about those areas/localities are all mixed up That whole area from picture number 15 to 21, is that side of the slope of Aizawl facing Zemabawk.



This next snap, I couldn’t fit any other Church pic along with it because they weren’t coming in one frame. So I am posting it here by itself. I thought it is Ramhlun South Presbyterian Church, but my friend here is saying it is Ramhlun Venglai Presbyterian Church. Which is correct?

22. Rahmlun (Venglai/South) Presbyterian Church.

And last but not the least, my Church

23. Chaltlang South Presbyterian Church.

The small picture in the top left corner is a picture of my Church taken last year. However, as you can see from the new picture, my Church is no longer visible properly from my balcony because of the construction of the Presbytery.

The other smaller picture at the top right corner is a picture of my nephew (cousin’s son)! He along with a couple of other courageous volunteers climbed the precarious zenith of the Church to clean it for the upcoming Easter celebration. If you squint your eyes real hard, you might be able to make out my nephew holding a mobile phone. He called me up and asked me to take a picture of him while he’s up there! And then I cracked a joke and told him to wave at me. He didn’t laugh.


Anonymous said...

dude, you gots any google maps info for this locale? A link perhaps (not sure what they would use)?


Anonymous said...

Ok, got it. Google map link

Mizohican said...

Hey Sean,
Thanx for the comment.

That location you requested is called "Eden Thar", situated just next to my locality "Chaltlang". I'm not sure if that is still a part of Chaltlang VC (Village Council) but they were once a part of Chaltlang Presbytery too.

Any particular reason for such a request? :)

RTPA said...

Bro whr is ur Veng Biakin ve :)

Mizohican said...

No. 23 Chaltlang South khi :)

Anonymous said...

No. 16 na kha Bethlehem Vengthlanga Salvation Biakin (a veng awmdan khi a chiang lo em a, se a ni ngei chuan ka hria)

Anonymous said...

Hi illusionaire,

M just taking some advantage here.. "Thankz 4 adding meee!!!" in the Zo Bloggers List

mnowluck said...

Off topic: Will call you another day prolly on weekends :)

Anonymous said...

Hi illusionaire,
my request? Nothing special. You've posted those photos, I thought that it might be interesting to look at these sites from the satellite image perspective. Pick out the same places. I think that the google image stuff isn't consistent, and provides more detail for some areas; in my own case I can see the apartment building that I live in (vancouver, b.c.). Looking at Aizawl, which I've never been to, in this way was quite illuminating. Some steep landscape around there alright!



skitxofrennick said...

good that you are back, enjoyed reading your blog

Anonymous said...

how do you make your icon appear next to your comments??

Anonymous said...

Biakin no.16 is my Biakin... Bethlehem Vengthlang Salvation Army, aka Bethlehem Corps .... nice survey bro...

PnB said...

oh wow, i didn't know there were so many mizo bloggers. & mizo blog directory, eh? kind of a good idea. oh, hi, hello, i'm a new reader to your blog.

sowmya said...

hahaha!! I am still laughing about your nephew's request! :D
Well done kimster!
All I have to say is, our country is beautiful with all its diversity!:)

Mizohican said...

@ codearies: The pleasure's all mine, and thanx for registering at the directory too. I will add you as soon as I can find the time. Am very tied up right now.

@ mnowluck: Ok boss. I await your call :)

@ sean: Yes, as I have mentioned before, it is not acurate, but thanx a lot for taking the trouble to look it up all the way from Vancouver. Yup, the entire place is extremely steep, and what may seem close to each other on the map, actually require a lot of roundabouts to reach that place.

@ skitxofrennick: Thanx skitzo. Haven't seen you in quite a while too, unless you are using a different online nick.

Mizohican said...

@ anonymous: Go to your blog > sign in > click on "customize" at your navbar > settings > comments > and then scroll down and you will see "show profile images on comment" and click on "yes".

Viola, you now have your icon appearing next to your comment too :)

@ sowmya: pip pip, I will drink to that. cheers to diversity :) And you still haven't answered my question. Have you moved to blogger from LJ yet?

@ a & z : Thanx for visiting. Yup there are indeed many Mizo bloggers now. Are you guys Mizos by any chance?

Mizohican said...

@ Nancy and Bekang^roll: Thanx for letting me know. Bethlehem Salvation Corp a ni tih chu ka lo edit ang nakinah. Khing lai tlang vel khi chu, kan In Chaltlang atanga a lang ve dan a nia, hriatthaim pawh a har mai thei.

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

good job Kim. would you mind if I link you in my blog?

by the way, while your enabling of comment moderation must have its reasons it never fails to make me feel like I am writing a letter to the editor of a mag/newspaper. waiting for the comment to appear after your approval sort of induces that feeling that letter-to-editor-writers must experience, write your letter, send it off the the editor, wait until the next issue comes out to know if your letter is published and/or answered. but all for a good cause, I believe.

PnB said...

oh yes, very much so :)

Mizohican said...

@ a & z: Thats so cool :) Why don't you come and register at the Mizo Bloggers directory then? It won't take long to fill up the form.

@ Aduhi: lolzzzzzz. Yeah I guess it may feel like that, but I have to moderate my comments because I write a lot of topics on race, culture, Christianity etc, and I get a lot of meaningless racial and religion attacks on my comments... Hence have to moderate. I welcome any criticism of course. But they must be matured, and not just some random "hey chinky, how dare you blog you fucking chinky, go back to your tribal hole, blogging is for Indians only" kinda comments :) Yes, I do get such comments, and it kinda spoils the mood of my respectable readers to read such comments. Hence, moderation is a must.

Plus, my girlfriend moderate the comments for me as I stay away from the Net these days. So your comment will be published as early as possible, you don't have to worry about that.

Mizohican said...

And of course Aduhi, you can always link me to your blog (sorry, I didn't answer that earlier, even though I meant to. Guess I got carried away with my reply, lolz.)