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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chp 172. The Dark side

A queasy look.
A whiff of cologne.
Scent of betrayal,
bedlam in my soul.

One glance says it all,
One breath,
utters more lies.
One smile, an imposter.

I have died,
two Winters ago.

Lies fueled by other lies,
they conquer.
eating me alive.

Love, annihilated.

Trapped in Incubus,
no escape.
Forever maimed.
Forever scarred.

a psychedelic Hell.

so strong, so virile!
sweetly beckoning,
with such mellifluous tone,
so... seductive
so... irresistible.

Chaos, my new serenity.
Turmoil, my concubine.
Malevolence, my prayer.
Compassion, my nemesis.

I crave, that grave.
That sweet dark melody,
of such magnificent gloom.
Ah.. release me.
Hades, fly me home.

A single sigh,
betrays all that we had.
A single moan,
strangles me from within.
Dying, yet again,
every minute, every second.

from grace, me.
with ecstasy, you.

tastes so sweet. Like honey.
Vengeance, so bewitching.

Bitter sweet Poison, this vial.
No desire,
ever felt so strong.
Like the scarlet temptress,
it draws me nearer,
closer to an eternal Bliss
of agony, of pain.

But no Sins of mine, I'll atone,
for I hope, to see you again,
my Darling.

In Hell.