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Friday, May 30, 2008

Chp 176. This Month that was, May 2008.

The IPL League is finally reaching its end, with the top four teams preparing to knock-out each other. It captivated the hearts of millions of Indians and other cricket lovers all over the World, and completely decimated the much hyped “Panchvi Pass” show. This was also the first time in my entire life I watched and enjoyed cricket

But what I find quite irritating, are the News channels they gave too much of importance and air-time to this game. There’s a cyclone in Myanmar, an earthquake in China, another case of “honor killing” in our country, important counter-policies by the government to battle inflation etc etc yet all we see in all the news channels are IPL IPL IPL. Slap gate. Highlights. This statement. That statement. Dug-out issues. SRK’s long sms. Why people why?

Just a marketing strategy suggestion. I’m sure most of the people are also fed up of seeing the same IPL news over and over again on every news channel. Instead, if one channel never aired IPL news and showed only genuine news, I think that channel would receive much higher TVR points. Sometimes a “herd mentality” is not the wisest solution.

Phoenix finally landed on the Red Planet after a journey of 295 days. Now Agent Scully fans like me will know if the truth is really out there or not. Even the Vatican said it’s okay to believe in aliens But if there are indeed aliens and they come to our planet officially, I will definitely boycott the grand Reception. Why? Because I think all aliens display unfair bias favoritism and prejudice against non-Americans. Why do they always abduct people only from the States? I mean, aren’t the rest of us, Indians, Ethopians, Japanese, Iranians etc worth experimenting over too? Comon, slice us too, insert those probes into our bodies, plant those micro-chips into our head too pleaseeee... Hmmmff.

UPSC results came out a few days ago and my cousin Saidingpuii achieved the rank of 131. I am extremely proud of her, knowing how well she deserves this. Saii, always the quiet one, devoted to God, family and her studies, is definitely a person who automatically generates respect by the way she leads an ascetic lifestyle. Back in Hyderabad 4 years ago, none of my friends dared to drink or even smoke whenever she came over to my place for a sleepover. They couldn’t believe we’re related Go kick IAS butt, little sis.

Speaking of sisters, last week my bed-ridden sis told me to take a break from babysitting her the whole day and gave me a couple of moolah to go splurge at the Mall. And that’s exactly what I did. I watched
Speed Racer, Iron Man and Forbidden Kingdom all in one shot! Hehe. As soon as one movie was over, I ran down to the ticket counter, bought the next ticket, ran up to the theatre again just in time to catch the beginning of the next movie. Yup, definitely one of the perks of a Mall cum Multiplex.

Loved “Speed Racer” and “Iron Man”, but “Forbidden Kingdom” was such a disaster. I had no idea how that movie and “Iron Man” had the same ratings in the local papers! It’s like that movie
Freddy Vs Jason. I was crazy about “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” series, and when those two characters finally met for the first time, I went to the theatre with such high expectations, only to be sent hurling down Flopsville.

Likewise, I LOVE Jet Li and Jackie Chan movies, but “Forbidden Kingdom” just didn’t deliver. The picture quality resembled more of those
Fearless Hyena days, the CGs were quite lame, and it was no way at par with CTHD or HOFD, or even Hero for that matter. Narnia: Prince Caspian was another movie I saw recently in the big screen. Better than the first part of course, but the most awaited release for me is Ice Age 3 scheduled for next year.

Sports: I was up the other night till 3 in the morning watching the
UEFA Champion’s League Finals between Chelsea and ManUtd. The Red Devils barely managed to edge past the Blues at penalties, thanks to all the contentious decisions by the referee (including the linesmen) during the 120+ minute game, which always seemed to go in favor of the Red Devils. That’s what you get for having a coach cum manager who loves to throw his weight around (quite literally) and intimidate the match officials like a 5th Grade bully.

Yeah yeah, I was cheering for the Blues, but only because I am a hardcore Arsenal fan. I will always cheer for the team that’s playing against ManUtd, even if my team is already out of the Title race. So what if I have a vindictive malefic vicious heart? Bite me.

Anyway, enough of football for now. Next season, Arsenal will win the Treble and we shall talk all about that then.

The recent
Neeraj Grover murder case splashed across every newspaper sounded more like those overdramatized passion+sex+murder stories one can find only in those sleazy “Crime & Detective” magazines, except of course this was a true story, a very unfortunate true story. Maria and Mathew had sex twice after brutally murdering Tanveer and chopping his body to pieces So, I guess it’s really true then, when people say crime excites people and serves as an aphrodisiac. A very expensive and gory aphrodisiac indeed. I’ll pass.

Another murder case in Noida.
14 years old Arushi Talwar. Maybe the cops are watching too many CSI episodes, I don’t know. But the way they are immediately jumping to conclusions is totally absurd. First it was Hemraj who killed her. After Hemraj’s body was found on the terrace, it was a disgruntled employee who killed Hemraj and had to kill Aarushi too because she witnessed the whole incident. Next it was the dad who killed both of them because they knew about his extramarital affair. After that it was a case of honor killing because the father found both Hemraj and Arushi in an "objectionable but not compromising position".

Every day we see new conclusions contradicting the previous conclusion. I mean, do the cops think people who follow this news are so freaking dumb? Ah she did it. Nooo he did. Wait he did it. Yesss she did it. I think... he did it. Meanwhile AQUA has
a very interesting take on this whole issue, about how nobody remembers Hemraj in the midst of all these just because he’s a servant, that too a Nepali servant. A must read.

I met an old friend of mine recently. Pawan Deokule. Half marathi half kannadigan, he believes only half the migrant laborers in Mumbai should leave the city, not all, and that only half the water from Hogenekkal should be given to Karnataka. Just kidding

The funny thing about my relationship with Pawan is that, he always ends up being relocated to the city that I am currently in. Hyderabad, Mysore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and now Mumbai again! I’m SERIOUSLY considering about suing him for stalking

I guess those are some of the highlights of this month. I am still clueless about when I will be able to go back to Mizoram because of my sister’s condition, and I really am starting to miss my nieces back home a lot. J [
calliopia’s canticles ] and Mesjay had been helping me out a lot with my prose and poetry compositions and I can’t say enough to thank them for that. BW finally got married, and next on the line is RTPA.

Man, all the eligible bachelors around me are falling down like dominoes.

dhat dhat dhat dhat…

Game over. You got married!


Sekibuhchhuak said...

Kan comment hmasa ber a nge:-)Kan online rual ani maw:-D

1.Go Go Man U..Glory Glory..!!Man U...hahah..Khawiah nge Arsenal,Khawiah nge Arsenal?..hehehe

2.I sister chu ala tha vak na nge?Lo dam thuai rawh se.

Delhi ah zin ang hmiang?:-D

illusionaire said...

Hahahahah Online rual ve khanglang!!!!

1. Man U down down...
Man U down down...
Arsenal... zindabad
Arsenal... zindabad

2. Tha ve tawh khawp mai. A kal a kal ve thei tawh, mahse step a chhoh/chhuk tih vel chu a la ti theilo.

Delhi ah i zin chuan i ngaihvenawm dawn khawp mai... i "hna" atang khan "Hotupa" in a ban hial palh ang che... :-D

Sekibuhchhuak said...


1.Ka zawng ruai e Arsenal..Arsenal rawl tawp tawp in ka au..!!Ka hmu lo..Ka hmu looo..An laipui apuak thei ta lo a niang nge..nge an laipui mu a bo!Nge an Laipui pui ke a baih..!! hahahha..

2.That chu.Tha ve zel mai ang chu.

hahah..Nia hlauhawm khawp mai.."Hrisel" roh bawk sia nga ti raw...hahha

Anonymous said...

Based on the publicly available reports so far, I'm not convinced Arushi's murder was a dishonor killing.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

illusionaire said...

@ Ellen: Wow!!! I just googled, and if this is really you, I am extremely honored by your visit. I have been working on an article about honor killings and its particular relevance with my Mizo community, and have been reading quite intensively on other related articles especially the ones at ICAHK websites. I would appreciate it so much if you can take a look at my article once published.

About Arushi, I am not in any position to say whether I think it is an honor killing or not (or as you have aptly put it, dishonor killing) especially with the Noida Cops bungling up big time with their investigation, but I sure wish it wasn't one.

@ Seki: bleh. Arsenal is all that I hear from you. The rest is all white noise :-P

Pixie said...

You were in Mysore? :-)
I just like you more now!!! :P

illusionaire said...

And maybe one day we'll relive Tipu Sultan and Khadija Zamani Begum's lives? :P :P

Nirav said...

Lost a lot of money this year betting against Man-U. I hope Arsenal helps me recover next season

Btw, watch out for potential Arsenal signing Samir Nasri in action in the Euro... he's supposed to be damn good

illusionaire said...

Haha Nirav! Long time no see. Arsenal WILL win the trebel next year, and whoever Wenger signs up will be pretty damn good. Wenger never fails in his unique special ability to spot emerging talents. Sir Alex on the other hand, fattened by all the money around him, prolly relies on his agents to do the hunting, kinda like the egoistical lion sending out the lioness to do the killing. :-)

luliana said...

Arsenal leh PC tan chu a hahthlak an ti asin...akekeke...

I nau chu a dam zel ka duhsak e..

luliana said...

oh..i forgot to mention..recent statistics shows that for the past 3 seasons, arsenal are in least debt among the big 4 in EPL, and so have least trophies...:P

illusionaire said...

The likes of ManUtd and Chelsea are spending 10 times more than Arsenal on their players, yet the final result just shows 3-4 points difference. Makes you think a lot about real talent huh? :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome job brother, I love this update, specially the IPL part! I departed from Old Airport Bangalore (HAL) for an official trip to Transylvania Romania, known for Dracula’s legend (Via Central London) and on my returned journey landed here in New International Airport Bangalore! Wow…what a changed! Really a Big Surprise! I lost for few minutes figuring out the terminals in the new Airport. Anyway, wherever I was, I didn’t miss IPL daily reviews and the dramas behind the scene.

Cricket is considered to be more like a religion in India than just a sport (excluding me, not a cricket fan). People have their passion with this game and passion is one virtue where everything else takes a backseat. The Indian Premier League is becoming exotic by the day, by the hour and by the minute. As Noam Chomsky has been termed as 'arguably the most controversial intellectual on earth' the IPL can also be termed as 'arguably the most controversial cricket show on earth'.

The formation of the IPL cricket league is certainly not the result or aftermath of the Indian win over the Twenty20 World Cup which was initially termed as "a waste of time" by high officials in BCCI. It is due to the formation of the Indian Cricket League by some former Indian cricket players who wanted to move the monopoly of BCCI over Indian cricket that the concept of the IPL came around.

More than cricket the glam sleaze and the kicks are helping IPL to have an almost twenty four hour live presence on the satellite channels. The novelty-driven media hype from the association of film megastars, the top industrialists and the business tycoons, the outright sale of international cricketers to the colorful matches being played in magnificent flood-lit stadiums. The cheerleaders, scantily clad damsels dancing vigorously to every big shot played in a match. The live telecast cameras capture these desirable images in minutest details for obvious reasons. And this has created another most tantalizing controversy. The self styled socio-cultural protectors of India had already taken up the cudgels against this 'most injurious' episode to cherished Indian culture. The ministers, the police were getting busy. Echoes were heard even in the Indian parliament in session, why the big crowds were flocking on to the stadiums-to watch cricket or the buxom dancers...LOL...

A resounding slap and bitter disconsolate crying! Sree Santh, an aggressive pace bowler of Team India, was seen bitterly crying on the ground after his Team Mohali won the game dishing out the third consecutive defeat to Mumbai Indians. Harbhajan Singh, the Team India hero of a racist controversy with Andrew Symonds, Ricky Ponting and Mathew Hayden of Australia and who captained Mumbai Indians in place of injured Sachin Tendulkar, was probably distraught after the third loss and supposedly slapped Sree Santh while the latter offered a handshake.

The story was not over yet as the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) was to announce its verdict next. In the meantime the slapped kid and the slapping villain had become doting brothers. The media is having its cup of joy overfilled, the crowds are loving it and the cricketers are shining bright.

Saidingpuii: Congratulation! You’ve work hard and your efforts have paid off. All the hard work and dedication you had put in ...your efforts are truly appreciated. Wishing you continued success in the future. May success shine on you always dear. Blessings of the Lord be with you Today and Forever!

“…to go back to Mizoram because of my sister’s condition”: I am sorry to hear that! Sending my brightest wishes to say, Hope you get well soon dear sister. Will uphold for each other in our prayer.

“Man, all the eligible bachelors around me are falling down like dominoes…”: Again bachelor flaws...LOL…I am coaching myself privately in spare time “how to be a good husband” in future and it says, Be more helpful by “asking” your wife if there is anything she needs you to do around the house, in the kitchen, or in the yard. For instance, she isn’t the only one who eats dinner you know…hmm…Maybe she would like some help chopping up vegetables, setting the table, or loading the dishwasher, so give back in return and do some extra things for her around the house. She will be pleased that you did. If you want a feminine, humble and kind wife, then don’t try and control her to be what you want her to be. She needs to be her own person. What you can do though, is control yourself to behave a certain way that makes your wife want to submit to your loving influence. Be a good example and she will want to surrender her love to that example. “Love your wife with wisdom”. May be it goes along with this verse, “To the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge, and happiness. Ecclesiastes 2:26”

Huh! Much more responsibilities to face mentally and physically & following all this instructions will weaken my laziness skill or become a retard…lol….A married man like sandman brother should enlighten me and let us learn from you out of your extensive experienced. Cheers! Later folks.

Expecting frequent updates, awesome job! Bless.

Almost Unreal said...

Still wonder how the National Game of India is not a Cricket.

I too cheered for Chelsea and this is the first time I actually cheered for them..hahahhaa and I want to cut off Ronaldo's head. Too bad I missed the penalty kicked by this R

mesjay said...

Your latest post touches on so many topics one hardly knows which to comment on. Watching three movies at a go was a real feat. For me, watching one is enough punishment except for the likes of Shrek, Sound of Music, etc. Couldn't even bear Harry Potter though i enjoyed reading all of them. Once i was forced to watch The Castaway and Spartacus & they gave me nightmares. The first Narnia movie was good too, haven't watched the Caspian one yet, though i love all the books.

illusionaire said...

@ anonymous: So you went away on a trip? Thats why I was wondering how come I wasn't seeing much of you around. Thank you for that long comment and especially for your warm regards to my cousin and my sister's health.

Yes one can't help admitting it, the IPL is good entertainment. It's like a bollywood movie script! scandals, fight scenes, sexy dancers, celebrities, controversies etc etc :-)

And thank you for the tips about a good wife :-) I'm sorry if I have portrayed myself as a married man in any of my posts (that post about "Memory" was a fictitious story!) but I am still very much single. lolz. I was hoping you could give me more tips instead. hehehe.

What were you doing in Romania? Official trip? Or you just wanted to check out good ol Drac's hideout?

@ almost: hehee I wish I was there watching you cheer for Chelsea. But next season onwards I want to see you cheer for Arsenal. They are the best! :-)

@ Mesjay: I miss those days when a balcony ticket was 20 bucks and a seat right in front of the theatre screen is 5 bucks! I'm sure you'll remember those days too. Now sadly, every ticket is in three digits. Still I guess that does not take the fun out of anything. Maybe you and your hubby should one day go out for a movie with me. Would be fun, especially with the new INOX opening at Goregaon, which is just 10 minutes away from your place and 5 mins away from mine.

Lucy said...

Did you delete my comments on this post or was I dreaming?

illusionaire said...

lolzzzzzzzzzzz!! You never left your comment here, dear Lucy! :-) Plus I don't delete comments and even if I do, I clearly state the reason why I have to delete a particular comment (hurting other's sentiments, unnecessary over abusive racial remarks etc). I believe in free expression of the mind.

Lucy said...

Strange.... I could have sworn I said something like the Americans being always the ones saving the world in movies and how when aliens thought they are destroying the world, it turns out they been attacking the White House...craps like that :)

illusionaire said...

Dear Lucy, I did warn you about mixing vodka with sleeping pills right?


Anonymous said...

Good research brother... I think we all new abt all these things about women but never had the time to put the thoughts together.... Good work.

"Let me warn you about one thing, my brothers. Women are extremely cunning! Don’t ever fall into their traps."

I really think this part is very true to the women nature

illusionaire said...

hehehehe.... am afraid to say more... :-)

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