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Monday, December 10, 2018

Chp 737. Lemon Tree Pickles

Home-made Product name: Lemon Tree Pickles.

Made by: My dear friend Kareen Tamang.

Pork Pickle - ₹ 180
Beef Pickle - ₹ 200

Having known Kareen personally, I can assure you that these pickles are of the finest quality and prepared in the utmost hygiene. She makes them in batches depending on the number of orders, so feel free to place your order.

Just keep in mind, the meat are diced and not shredded. They are preserved in oil base so you can store them up to a year in your fridge. Every piece is carefully and delicately prepared because of the limited order.

Also, Kareen doesn't use any of the readymade masalas like Baro masala etc to prepare her special pickles, she even prepares her own masala. So even though she's from Mizoram, the pickles are not going to taste like the typical homemade pickles others make back home. They are not spicy either, as in super North Eastern taste Naga Chilli spicy, this is something even your kids can have, and if you want it spicy, then just have it with chillies :)

You'll have to pay for postage though. For me, to get it delivered from Mizoram to Pune, it cost me just ₹ 165 so it was well worth it. Happy was I the day the package arrived in office! :D

Her pickles went well with any dish, and this is why I want to promote it.

So if you want to order the pickles, call her on 9774798831 and place your order.

For those of you in Aizawl, she'll also be available at Barista, Zarkawt, if any of you want to spend a one-on-one time with her regarding the pickles.

So enjoy folks. This is a really good product! Yummmmm. As one of her regular customers from Delhi Jesleen testified, "Our marriage was going through a rough patch, we were about to give up on our nuptial promises, when suddenly we came across Kareen's pickles, and suddenly it was honeymoon night all over again with Rob, multiplied a thousand times over!"

Such is the wonder of Lemon Tree Pickles. So order away, folks.


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