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Monday, December 31, 2018

Chp 744. Top 5 posts of 2018

Aaaanndd on this last day of the year, here is my 50th blog update! :D

So that means I've been writing at least 50 blog posts every year for the past 13 years now. My writings may not be great, but I kinda feel proud to be this consistent :)

Here's a quick look at my top 5 blog updates this year, based on the number of views they got, in case you might be interested in reading them.

Coming in at first position with over 5000 views is my January blog update about a Beer brand launch in Mizoram by my friend and neighbor Zomawii. One of the reasons why it has a high hit is because there are many photos of Mizo celebrities in this post :D Also, with Mizoram just coming out of Total Prohibition, this was a very unique event. It's a bit ironic that this is my top viewed post considering Mizoram is back to Prohibition again now…

At number 2 with over 3000 views is my trip to Bangalore for Thara and Eunice's wedding. Again this post also has a lot of views and shares because there are many photographs of Bangalore Mizos in the post. One of the tricks to get high traffic on your blog post is to get the official wedding photos and post them on your blog before they are released on Facebook or Instagram :D :D

I'm really glad one of my more "serious blog topics" made it to the Top 5. When you spend a lot of time writing a serious article and you are rewarded with a good number of shares and likes, it really makes you feel good about yourself (I mean when I post lots of food images or partying images and that post gets a high number of likes and shares, it makes me feel good too, but not as good as how I feel if it's a post where I have taken a lot of time and thought while writing the article).

Yay, food post! This post is about the different food I ate during my Christmas and New Year.  Good to see it coming in fourth with over 2000 views. Go through the post to make your mouth water :)

Another F&B post made it to the list :D In this post, I have displayed all the wonderful food and drinks I had during my stay in Bangalore for Thara and Eunice's wedding. This post is utterly delicious too, but frankly speaking, I think there are a lot of other posts that deserve more than this one to be on the list, lolz. But hey, I am happy anyway :)

So these are my Top 5 blog posts this year. Since not many people blog these days, it's not surprising to see most of my blog updates this year have less than 1000 views. Back when so many of my friends were blogging regularly, a hit post means having more than 10,000 views! But that also means visiting all your friends' blogs everyday and commenting on their new updates. I used to visit at least 50 different blogs everyday back then. Now, I only visit a blog when people post the link at our Mizo Bloggers WhatsApp group. Yeah, times have changed.

Anyway, here's to a great year, and looking forward to the next year with a target to cross 50 blog posts again if we are still alive and kicking. Happy New Year everyone!

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