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Monday, December 24, 2018

Chp 741. Amosa Prayer Cell 2018

For those of you interested in knowing, the Pune Mizo Christian Fellowship (PMCF) is divided into different Prayer Cell groups, based on their locations. A Prayer Cell group acts as a spiritual community support system where members meet once a month at one of the member's house and a prayer service is held, along with special prayers, counselling, testimonials etc., followed by a group dinner.

I belong to the "Amosa Prayer Cell" group which includes Mizos living in Koregaon Park, Mudhwa, Keshav Nagar, Viman Nagar, Chandan Nagar and Kalyani Nagar. Last year, I was able to participate only twice, and so as a part of my New Year's resolution, I said I would be more active this year, and eventually, I was there in six Amosa Prayer Cell meetings this year :)

Tonight too, there's going to be a PMCF Christmas Eve program held at Lt. Col Isaac's quarters, and our Prayer Cell group will be performing a skit and a few song numbers. That's the reason why I missed the last three Amosa Prayer Cell meets as it was about practicing for this event and since I couldn't participate due to work commitments, it didn't make much sense going for the meet. But other than that, my attendance this year had been almost 80% present, so I am happy for that :D

The first Amosa Prayer Cell meet I took part in this year was on 28th July, held at Pu Hriata and Pi Margaret's house.

We had a good turnout, and for dinner, Pi Margaret made this awesome sawhchiar, a Mizo delicacy, along with freshly fried Puri.

Later, my friends Hriata and Margaret dropped me home.

My second Amosa Prayer Cell meet was on 10th August at Pi Pari's house. Pi Teresa was leading the service.

Last year's Prayer Cell leader Pi Remruati couldn't help posing during the prayer service.

Pi Pari ordered this amazing Chicken biryani in bulk from a nearby restaurant. Super yum.

Pi Remruati and Pi Genevieve enjoying the dinner...

We posed for a group pic after that...

My third Amosa Prayer Cell meet was on 12th September, again held at Pi Pari's place. She had a really convenient place for such a gathering as her house was secluded with a large parking space in front, and if we didn't fit inside her house, there was the attached hall right next to her house in the same building. We held our Prayer Cell meet there. I was one of the firsts to reach and so I helped with arranging the chairs.

After the prayer service, it was pic time. Pi Gloria was quick to jump in the frame.

Yummy biryani as always :D

My fourth Amosa Prayer Cell meet this year was held at our Prayer Cell leader Pi Baby's house on 25th September. We had a good turnout indeed.

Aputea, who is a chef, spent the day preparing this awesome Chicken dish along with dal and other items.

My plate. Yummm :)

My fifth Prayer Cell Meet was held on Diwali day - 7th November, at Pu Vincent's place. As it was a holiday, the turnout was very good, and I saw a lot of new faces as well.

It was an Epic dinner, ranging from Vawksa rep and Bawngsa to other Mizo delicacies.

Pi Jacqueline, Pi Debbie, Pi Remruati and Pi Margaret enjoying the food...

And finally, the sixth and last Amosa Prayer Cell group I went to was on 21st November. It was again at Pi Pari's place.

Along with the Chicken biryani, I also contributed my Naga Chilli pickle, which arrived in office that day (I go directly from office to these meetings, with my office clothes, bags etc).

Yumm fruits.

And so, those were the Amosa Prayer Cell meetings I took part in this year. What I love the most about these meetings, is not the food (in case that's what you're thinking). I really love the testimonials and sharing session from the members, and some of them really have a deep learning that makes you contemplate a lot on your life style.

So here's to Amosa Prayer Cell group. Now I gotta get ready and watch them perform at tonight's Christmas Eve function. Until then my friends, take care.


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