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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Chp 742. PMCF Christmas Eve 2018

This Christmas Eve, I was actually planning to spend at home, alone, listening to "Lonely this Christmas" by Mud on loop until I eventually drown in my own tears... But then, a lot of my friends invited me to go to the Christmas Eve function organized by PMCF, the Pune Mizo Christian Fellowship.

This is my fourth year in Pune, and I have never gone for any PMCF Christmas Eve program before, mainly because I'm an extreme introvert. It makes me nervous and uncomfortable being around a large community gathering. And the problem is, our society really does not understand introverts because we are such an open community as a whole where everybody mingles with everybody. As I have mentioned in my earlier post "Being an introvert in a Mizo society", people who are introverts are often wrongly labelled as "inchhuang" or "induh", which makes me want to avoid such community activities even more.

But the difference is, by now, I have known a lot of people, including all the leaders and executive members of PMWA and PMCF. And having taken part in many Amosa Prayer Cell Group Meet this year, I don't feel that much of a stranger anymore.

The PMCF Christmas Eve event was held at Lt Col Isaac's house, where I have been a couple of times this year for dinner and stuff. They're not just my friends but Madiki is also my close relative. They live in this awesome Military bungalow with colonial building style and a really large lawn in front, where the actual event was held.

The theme of the night was "Ṭhin zan" and we were supposed to dress up in ridiculous outdated clothes.

I went over to Teresa and Nitin's house in the evening and the three of us went to Isaac's place together. Even though the program was to start at 8 PM, there were only a few people at the venue because the bus that was ferrying the main crowd from all across Pune hadn't reached yet. But our PMCF Chairman Pu Chawnghminga kept the crowd well entertained.

Finally the bus reached at 9 PM and the entire place was immediately filled up. We had a short prayer service, followed by a wonderful sharing by Mahlua who is our Amosa Prayer Cell group secretary.

And then the night's entertainment started. Florence kept us enthralled with her wonderful voice as she sang "Pawmlai ṭingṭang" and "Tleitir lukir".

I wasn't able to take good pics with my phone from where I was sitting, so Hriata Morello sent me the official pics he took with his DSLR and I am very much grateful to him for that.

The crowd was truly entertained.

We were treated to wonderful performances that night, like "Tu hrai chawi nge" by Joel, "Teuhlo mai" by Ruatfela, "Zoram ngaihna" by John and "A va nuam dawn em" by Pachhi. They not only had talented voices but the musicians were extremely talented as well, especially Boiha on the guitars.

And one of the biggest hits that night was the performance by the "Nu valai" group, known as "Queens of our house" who did a hilarious and outstanding lip sync band performance of different songs by Queen :D

The "hero" of the night, Lawmi, who played the part of Freddy Mercury.

She executed her role to perfection :)

Teresa had a duet with Ruatfela, and this is a video I recorded from my phone. The two of them sang "The Greatest Gift of All" and they were both amazing. Funny incident though, when it was Teresa's part, her mike wasn't working :D Anyway, have a look at their performance here...

Really nice.

And then there was that moment when Pu Chawnghminga got on stage and told all of us to get involved. We all had to stand up and repeat the dance moves he was making, one step at a time. By the time he made his hand gestures and grinded his hips, I knew at once we were about to do the "Chicken Dance"! :D

Ah yes, it was extremely fun. My dance partner was Pu Chinmoy, and we really enjoyed the dance together :D

There were a couple of other activities I didn't get to take a picture of, like this really deep dance skit performed by our Prayer Cell group Amosa in collaboration with Mika Prayer Cell group, using the soundtrack of "Lead me to the cross" by Hillsong. Their theme was "Cross Wars" with the underlying message of how we may be led astray by different temptations in life but in the end it is Jesus our saviour who will come to our rescue. A very good performance indeed.

And of course there was that extremely corny and funny "Swim dance" performance by "Ben & his merry men". Dayyymmmm I laughed so much while watching them on stage.

A few more pics of the spectators...

After the program ended and it was time for refreshments, I took a picture of my Amosa Prayer Cell mates Genevieve, Remruati, Jacqueline and Debbie.

Behind the scenes pic of Gosie taking a picture of them :D

By the time I joined in the queue for the refreshment snack, the food was almost over :D

So we had this awesome "Sawhchiar", a Mizo delicacy, with spicy chutney and Turkey meat donated by Pi Zosangi. Oh it was sooo awesome!

A few pics of us enjoying the awesome food, in my retro themed clothes :D

So this is a special thanks to everybody who sacrificed a lot of their time just to entertain us, especially the PMCF organizers and our wonderful hosts Isaac and Madiki. Though I may still be single, that was one night I definitely did not feel like listening to "Lonely this Christmas" because I was surrounded by friends and a warm loving community. Nitin and Teresa dropped me at home and it was time to sleep as the next day was Christmas. I'll be updating my blog tomorrow with the Christmas function, so stay tuned. Until then, goodnight.


Chawnghminga said...

Thank you Kima for covering our event.Praise the Lord. Only because of wonderful people like you our event was a grand success. God bless you

mahlua said...

I ziak tha lutuk. Chhiar a nuam lutuk. Thlalak nen dah thlap bawk si. Lo ziak zel rawh.

Unknown said...

Chhiar a va nuam em em ve aw...kimchang khawp mai photo nen thlap ni lehnghal a...i ziak ṭha lutuk e.

The David said...
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The David said...

Brother.... You have done it yet again .... In your own sinfully sinless drift...

Mindblasting review of the blissful evening spent together as one big happy family ... Thank you for all the awesome stuffs , it is truly magnanimous of you .... The generous heaps on our humble abode seems to be exaggerated though owing to the fact that what apparently seems to be is but seemingly apparent.... May the Force be with you always and everytime....

And most importantly..... May the Almighty continue to bless us all....

Unknown said...

PMCF ho chu in va hlim hawr hawr ve ��

Lawmnaa said...

Tel velo te min hlep nasa hle mai

Unknown said...

isaac and madiki .. so kind of you to host such a nice evening in a busy city where everyone is in their own world. whatever i had interaction with both of you i feel you both are magnificent and awesome couple. taking out time and organizing such a lovely event requires courage. my wishes to both of you and definitely to your lovely kids who were supporting you both in this event. in the end complements to whole team which were there with you. regards.

The David said...

Thank you Magneto ... God bless

Mizohican said...

Thank you so much for your comments everybody. My Christmas post will be out now. God bless you all.