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Friday, July 06, 2018

Chp 719. The Adventures of Tubby - season 5

Previous seasons:

In this second part of our back-to-back season of the Adventures of Tubby, things are looking real good for Tubby as she gets to experience new cuisines she had never tried out before. Have a look and let me know which is your favorite episode this season.

Season 5: Episode 1

China Toss, East Avenue, Mulik Palace, Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

Burmese Khao Suey Prawns Rice: ₹ 409

My favorite Burmese cuisine from China Toss, my favorite South East Asian restaurant (that is affordable :P Malaka Spice is my favorite but it is too expensive so I don't order from the place regularly). I've had Burmese Khao Suey from other places too and none of them can beat the one at China Toss. I love the number of different ingredients and condiments that comes along with this dish – roasted garlic, fried onions, coriander and peanuts, with rich creamy prawns curry. Adding our roasted mizo chilli flakes on top of all that further increases the awesomeness!

Season 5: Episode 2

Chinese Room, East Street, Camp, Pune.

Barbeque Spare Ribs: ₹ 335
Corn Crispy Crunchy: ₹ 240

I was a bit hesitant at first because Spare Ribs usually cost around 450 bucks and above. Coming across a restaurant where it was just 335 bucks seemed like a dream. I ordered from the place nonetheless, and I was not disappointed! It was awesomeeee. However, I was expecting corn-on-the-cobs to go with the ribs, but all I got were some soggy pieces of corn (even though the name clearly said "crunchy"). But I'm ready to ignore all that because of the economical cost of the ribs. Good stuff.

Season 5: Episode 3

The Noshery, Rahoul Terrace, Lane Number 7, Koregaon Park, Pune.

Creamy Mushroom Pasta with Bacon: ₹ 330
Herb Chicken Popcorn: ₹ 220

Awesome creamy mushroom pasta from "The Noshery". I highly recommend this place. And the pasta cream blended so well with my roasted mizo chilli flakes while the herb chicken popcorn melted right in my mouth. Though it is a little bit expensive, the value for money is good, and the whole package was delivered in cute little boxes.

Season 5: Episode 4

Pind Punjab, Gera Park View, Kharadi, Pune.

Dal Makhani Meal: ₹ 150
Amritsari Chole Meal: ₹ 150
Desi Ghee Gulab Jamun: Complimentary.

Gulab Jamun overload, lolz. I got a free gulab jamun with the Dal Makhani meal combo, another free gulab jamun with the Amritsari Chole meal combo, and finally a third Ghee gulab jamun free because I am a Zomato Treats partner, lolz. The roasted mizo chilli flakes went well with the two meals, though I did not try them with the gulab jamuns :P The stuffed kulchas were extremely filling.

Season 5: Episode 5

Boteco - Restaurante Brasileiro, Power Plaza, Lane Number 7, Koregaon Park, Pune.

Leitaa a Pururuca: ₹ 695

I decided to pamper myself to a lunch from expensive Boteco one day, and went for the "Leitaa a Pururuca", which is a Belgian Pork belly roasted in wood-fired oven and served with Apple puree, Spanish croquettes, and sweet & sour sauces. The pork even came with Cracklings, which we call in Mizo as "Sa-er fu" and it was freaking delicious!

Season 5: Episode 6

Sassy Teaspoon, Sanskriti Lifestyle, Lane no 7, Koregaon Park, Pune.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich: ₹ 125
Chutney Cheese Sandwich: ₹ 95
Rainbow Pastry: ₹ 160
Hazelnut Macaron: ₹ 60
Rose Macaron: ₹ 60

Spicy Chicken Sandwich, made even spicier with my Roasted Mizo Chilli Flakes. And the Chutney Cheese Sandwich was super dillu! The Rainbow Pastry was above average, and then there were the super awesome macarons that made me glimpse a piece of Heaven with every bite. An unforgettable lunch indeed. I really love the packaging too, as the food came in a bag shaped like one of those Mall shopping bags so everybody stared at me in office, lolz.

Season 5: Episode 7

The Taste With Spicy Twist, Sakore Nagar, Viman Nagar, Pune

Egg Kothu Parotta: ₹ 120
Chicken Kothu Parotta: ₹ 130

Kothu Parotta - This was our favorite roadside snacks back in Montfort. Shredded parotta continuously cut and beaten up on an iron tray with a steel spatula while mixing other crucial ingredients like eggs, onions, and other spices in the same rhythm. They are available only at authentic Tamil and Malayalee restaurants here in Pune and you will not find them at other South Indian restaurants like the Udipi restaurants (Sree Sagar, Sai Sagar, Shiv Sagar etc).

Season 5: Episode 8

Bubsterr's, Silver Oaks Society, Floriyana Estate, Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

BubSterr's Pork Overload 10" Inch Slice Pizza: ₹ 270
The Classic Hot Dog (Chicken): ₹ 150

Bubsterr's Pizza. I am in a love-hate relationship with this outlet. I love their toppings, especially the Pork Overload, but I hate their crust because it is too damn thick. I look forward to the day they will make thin crust slices. Until then, yeah I will have it maybe once a month.

Season 5: Episode 9

The Bawa, Nandgaon, Viman Nagar, Pune.

Jardaloo Ma Pork: ₹ 320
Steamed Rice: ₹ 60
Salami Poro with Pav: ₹ 144

One fine day, I took a deep breath and decided to try out "Jardaloo Ma Pork" for the first time. It is a traditional Parsi cuisine and the reason why I was a bit hesitant was because this dish is apparently made from apricot! Yeah that's right, apricot! I have never tried out an apricot curry before, but hey, you'll never know if you don't give it a try right? And so I went for it. It was slightly sweet but super awesome! That yellow round stuff you see in the pic above, which looks like potato, that's the apricot. Yummm.

Season 5: Episode 10

Chutney's, Siddhartha court, Dhole Patil Road, Pune.

Cheese Pav Bhaji: ₹ 115
Pav Jodi (2): ₹ 30
Kanda Fry: ₹ 30
Single Pav: ₹ 8

For the season finale, I give you Pav Bhaji! I don't think I need to add any details about it as we all know what a Pav bhaji is. Yummylicious stuff :)

So, until the next adventures of Tubby, take care, and do keep visiting this post now and then for other updates which may or may not be related to food. Have a great weekend and enjoy the World Cup. Cheers everyone!

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Chp 718. The Adventures of Tubby - season 4

Finally, the Adventures of Tubby is back! In this belly-hitting mouth-watering Season 4, there are two new elements added to the series. The first is that, all these pictures were taken with my new OnePlus 6 phone, with a good depth effect using its dual camera feature, so the photos are looking even more scrumptious than before.

The second is the inclusion of our Roasted Mizo Chilli Flakes in all the dishes. I carry them to work every day now so it has become an integral part of this series.

For those of you unaware about Tubby, you can read the previous seasons to know about her origin, her topic, FAQs etc:

So without further wasting your time, here is the fourth season of The Adventures of Tubby!

Season 4: Episode 1

China Toss, East Avenue, Mulik Palace, Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

Crispy Chilli Baby Corn: ₹ 199
Chicken American Chop suey: ₹ 289

First up is this delicious Chicken American Chopsuey from China Toss. Funny thing about this dish is that it is actually an Indianized version of an Americanized version of an authentic Chinese cuisine, lolz. And in America, an American Chop suey and a Chinese Chop suey are completely different, but here in India, they are both similar and the only difference is the sauce used (red sauce on American and white sauce on Chinese). Well until I get to try out a real American Chop suey, guess I'll be satisfied with the one we get here in India.

Season 4: Episode 2

Salad Grills, Hermes Parai, Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

Classic Caesar combo: ₹ 375

Got the above combo for 375 bucks (plus taxes), which consists of a healthy Caesar salad with delicious Caesar dressing, butter, 2 bread sticks, 4 garlic breads and a Chilli-Guava Ice Tea. Not bad, considering Salad Grills has one of the highest ratings on Zomato here in Pune. It is a great place to have healthy and dietary food, and I promise myself to order from this place at least once a week, though it looks like that is happening once a month only.

Season 4: Episode 3

Taste Of Hyderabad, 5th Avenue, BS Dhole Patil Path, Pune.

Chicken Dum Biryani (Full): ₹ 260
Roasted Papad: ₹ 20

My favorite place in Pune when it comes to authentic Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani. And I just loveee their side gravy as well. I don't know why so many restaurants out here serve a hyderabadi biryani without the onion gravy. That's what makes the biryani even more awesome, IMHO. I planted the roasted papad on my biryani to get a better depth effect on the photo, lolz.

Season 4: Episode 4

Madras Coffee House, Amanora Town Centre, Hadapsar, Pune.

Rocket Masala Dosa: ₹ 135
Medu Vada: ₹ 70

If you want to have freshly prepared dosa, it is best to have them at a restaurant. Don't get it delivered home, because by then, it will be all sorry and done. It is no longer a do-sa, it is now a did-sa :P I ordered Rocket Masala dosa, which was supposed to look like the image below, but instead, what I got was a sad ol soggy dosa. It was tasty nonetheless, but still, the presentation also adds to the appetite.

Season 4: Episode 5

The Burger Barn Cafe, Sanas Corner, South Main Roan, Koregaon Park, Pune.

WTF Chicken Burger: ₹ 600

Aptly called WTF burger, this monster of a burger consists of different layers of multiple ingredients. Trust me, you won't be able to finish this alone! Burger Barn Café even has a "WTF Challenge" - if you go to their outlet and eat this burger along with some Fries and Oreo shake under 30 mins, your photo will be put up on their "Wall of Fame". So far, only a handful of photos are up there as of now. The only complaint I have about this magnificent burger is that all the meat are just Chicken, ranging from Chicken ham to Chicken salami, Chicken sausages, Chicken patty etc. It would have been even more awesome if they had mixed it up with Bacon, Mutton, Beef etc. Yummmm.

Season 4: Episode 6

The Coconut Tree Bar & Kitchen, Konark Icon, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Pune.

Egg Appam (2 sets): ₹ 160
Pullimunchi Ghee Pomfret Curry: ₹ 575

I have posted pictures of Appams in my previous Tubby seasons. This one is an "Egg appam". Yeah that's right, golden fried egg right in the middle of an appam, it is sooo good!!!! And the Pullimunchi Ghee Pomfret Curry was yummy as well. They all went together so well with my roasted mizo chilli flakes. I may sound like I am biased towards Kerala cuisines because I was brought up in the South, but trust me, you gotta give them a try if you haven't yet. You won't regret it!

Season 4: Episode 7

Skadoosh, Ganga Arcadia, Kharadi Bypass, Pune.

Chicken Thukpa: ₹ 175
Chicken Classic Momos: ₹ 110

Ahhh a Chicken Thukpa meal with Momos as sides. Slurrpppp. I sprinkled some roasted mizo chilli flakes on top of the Thukpa and all I tasted was Heaven! It was that good. My friends recommended me to try a Mutton Thukpa next time, but unfortunately Skadoosh doesn't have that on their menu. I will keep looking for one and update you in my next Tubby series :)

Season 4: Episode 8

Gurunanak Dairy And Sweets, Deepak Park, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Tikki: ₹ 20
Samosa (2): ₹ 24
Kanda Bhaji: ₹ 20
Sabudana Vada: ₹ 15

Tubby was delighted to meet a few light snacks as well, since heavy meals all the time can get boring. I tried out samosas, kanda bhaji, aloo tikki and sabudana vada and they were very filling. I think this was the time I went to office with a hangover and didn't feel like eating a heavy meal for lunch, lolz.

Season 4: Episode 9

Alfa Southinn Café, Silver Oak, Florina Estate, Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

Dal Fry: ₹ 55
Egg Bhurji: ₹ 40
Aloo Jeera: ₹ 60
Paneer Mattar: ₹ 70
Chapati (5): ₹ 25
Paratha (3): ₹ 36

Here is an extremely economical meal from Alfa Southinn Café. This entire ensemble of egg, aloo, paneer, dal, chapati and paratha all came under 300 bucks, which is a really good deal for the amount of variety involved. In fact I was so happy with the VFM that I made a heart sign on the dal with my roasted mizo chilli flakes, and hopefully one day I will become a renowned Latte art designer :D Also, this is probably the world's first mizo chilli flakes heart sign on a dal fry! Yes I'm famous now, where do you want me to sign my autograph? :P

Season 4: Episode 10

Vasant Family Resto Bar, Kamla Nehru Hospital Road, Mangalwar Peth, Pune.

Egg Paratha (2): ₹ 100
Chicken Masala: ₹ 160
Paratha: ₹ 20
Masala Papad: ₹ 25

This order was a mistake. This is the risk I take every time I order from a new restaurant for the first time. I really felt like having yummy Egg Parotta that day, you know, South Indian style. These were what I had in mind that day…

But instead, what I got was scrambled egg stuffed parathas. Not the same! I mean it was ok, not that bad, but still, when your mind is set on something so strongly and a completely different thing arrives, it is very disappointing. This is why we need images on the online menu, and I love it that Swiggy and Zomato recently started doing that on their apps.

Over all, this was a great season, and be sure to join me on season 5 of The Adventures of Tubby this coming week itself. There's a whole range of different cuisines with awesome depth photography awaiting you. So until then, cheers everyone! Live to Eat! :)

Friday, June 29, 2018

Chp 717. OP6 Pic - Random 1

Back when I was using the OnePlus 3, I really wanted the OnePlus 5 because of its dual camera feature, that gives this really awesome depth shots. But I decided to wait for the OnePlus 6. The day it was released, I bought it immediately.

I have taken a lot of photos of food and people using my new phone, and I will publish them separately on my blog under different post titles. For this first series of OnePlus 6 photography, here are a few random pics I have taken so far.


The arrival of my OnePlus 6 coincided with the arrival of my new batch of shoes. For those of you interested in my previous shoe post, you can read about it here - The Shoe Chronicles. These time, my shopping list was from United Colors of Benetton, Vans and Puma.

So, here you go, check them out. You like them? :)

The camera takes great shots of alcohol too. This one time, we went to "Mineority by Saby" for Sumeet's farewell lunch (I will miss you, my brother and my Co-Founder at FITH Media). Though we had to return to office after the lunch, we had a lot of alcohol as it was an important occasion. Here's a bucket of beer.

In fact, the OP6 camera is so good that sometimes it enlarges objects way beyond their natural sizes. Like for example here is me with a normal-sized bottle of Belvedere vodka. See how huge the camera transformed the bottle into…

:D :P

Here are some random handheld objects, demonstrating the depth effect of the OP6 camera. Beautiful right?

Night shots aren't that bad either. The other night, we went to High Spirits to watch a live band perform. I thought it was the night my friend Jameer Kharkongor would be performing but I was wrong. Nevertheless, the band was really good. Here are some drunken shots…

I'll end this series with a few shots of the view around our office. It was raining so the pictures are quite gloomy, and yet romantic in a certain way…

So do catch my other upcoming OP6 pic series, I have taken a lot of photos of awesome delicious food, along with a couple of beautiful people that I call friends here in Pune.

Until then, cheers, and have a great weekend.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Chp 716. World Cup 2018

So the first opening match of the Football World Cup 2018 had just taken place. Host Russia drubbed Saudi Arabia 5-0 last night, building up to an exciting tournament up ahead.

When I look back at my blog, this is actually the fourth World Cup my blog is going to experience, and it made me smile to see that I used to post at least 5-6 blog posts about the World Cup whenever it took place. No wonder my June 2006, June 2010 and June 2014 blog published count was so high, lolz.

This year though, I am not as enthu as before, and I don't think I'll be writing much about it either. As my football fanatic friends rightly pointed out, with more exposure to Club matches every year on our TV (or online streaming), it gets harder and harder for people like us from a neutral country to select a team to support for the World Cup because almost every top team has a line-up of players we love along with players we loathe because they belong to a rival Club.

Touché indeed.

But what the World Cup never fails to bring out is this huge gust of nostalgia, of how we were brought up struggling to watch the matches on one of our neighbour's shanty old black & white TV set, and how somebody would climb up the roof of the house to twist the TV antenna so as to get the best reception possible. And we would all cheer and clap together as a community.

Sigh, those were wonderful times indeed. It saddens me a bit that the millennial and younger generation of today will never get to experience all that. And to most people of my generation, the one and only true World Cup anthem is, and will always be, "To be number one" by Giorgio Moroder Project. :)

I think another change I have seen in me this World Cup is that, after reading through some of my old blog posts, I realize I used to be such a dick! Back then, whenever I walk into office and one my colleagues went super hyper active about supporting, say, Brazil or Argentina for example, I would immediately ask, "Hah, ok can you name the starting line-up? Who's the captain?  Who's the coach? What clubs do they play for?" and I would immediately be met with an empty stare.

I mean, back then, as a football loyalist, I guess I was annoyed with people who hardly watched football suddenly claiming to be a "hardcore fan" of a so and so country without even knowing who the players were. Being a follower of football, in some way I guess that made me feel like an elitist, which is bad and can really piss off a lot of people. No wonder I never used to get invited to any of our office weekend pot-luck lunches.

But as time goes by, you realize all this is just a facade. Let people do what they want to. Nobody needs to get a PhD degree on something they support. I support a lot of stuff that I have no real in-depth knowledge of, and it would definitely make my mood sour if somebody condescendingly mocks me about it.

So yeah, this World Cup, let's just have fun. Support whichever country you want to, make bets with your colleagues and friends, cheer or jeer the teams you like/hate. And at the same time, don't forget to support Team India which is quickly climbing up the FIFA ranking ladder. I dream of a near future where we will no longer have to decide which country to support for the World Cup because our very own Country is participating in it. :)

Meanwhile I have already made my prediction on who is going to win the World Cup, and I'm telling you, I'm gonna get it 100% right. So that is it. Come back to this post after a month to see the Nostradamus side of me. Until then, cheers everyone, and happy watching the matches.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Chp 715. A Dedicated Special Post

Today is the last day of the month, and there are so many things I want to share with you all. First and foremost, Photobucket is back! All my 2000+ pics across my 650+ blog posts are now visible again! Well, probably for a short while, as they said there have new premium membership plans due to a change in management. Now, my images are no longer held at ransom to a ridiculous $400 annual fee, and their new plans range from $2.99/month to $69 annual fee.

Looks really good, though I'm still trying to get in touch with them as there is no response from their customer care team to my emails. Will this brand be ever trusted again after that nefarious stunt they pulled? Probably not, but let's see. I have stuck with this site for too long to migrate all my images to another hosting service, and I will keep using my new AWS server for all future image hostings. But at least the new affordable premium plans will enable images across my old 650+ blog posts again, so, yayyyy.

Apart from that, this month had been an extremely busy and hectic month for me. At work, we had not only launched multiple products but also gained great grounds at our R&D on a new genre of games we'll be releasing soon, guaranteed to rock your world. Everybody at work is in a super duper pepped-up positive mood.

And at leisure time, most of my favorite TV shows recently had their season finales this month. [SPOILERS ALERT] Al Olinsky died after being shanked in Prison, Martin Riggs was shot by his half-brother on the grave of his late wife, President Tom Kirkman decided to run for a second term, Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord seemed to be a likely Presidential candidate in the next term (it would be so awesome if these two shows were combined!), Elizabeth Keen shocked us with the revelation that the reason Tom died was because he found out Raymond Reddington wasn't the real Red (holy $hit, nobody saw that coming!), Special Ops Preach is in a coma after saving Deputy Director of Intelligence Patricia Campbell, and there was that abrupt and awkward ending on how we will never Rachel Zane again because she's now the Duchess of Sussex.

Phew… And I haven't even come to other season finales like Siren, Deception, Krypton, Barry, etc yet.

I also bought the recently launched OnePlus 6 on the first day of release itself and I am blown away by its new features, which I am dying to review here soon. Apart from that, I also bought my third 2TB HDD and a new SSD, installed new OS on that to my home PC, so now, both my phone and my computer start up in less than 3 seconds!!!

In addition to all that, I have a lot of topics to write about regarding food, especially since I started posting pictures of them on my Facebook timeline. Earlier, I used to post it only on my WhatsApp story, but many of my friends encouraged me to go public and post it on FB as well, and the responses I have received so far are overwhelming! :)

Like I said, I have so many things to share with you all…

But this month, there will only be one blog post. And that is because I have promised myself at the beginning of the month that I will be writing only one blog topic this entire month as I wanted to honor somebody. I want to dedicate this post to none other than Le Professeur, Arsene Wenger, recently the former manager of Arsenal FC.

Many of you who started reading my blog in the recent years may not consider me as somebody who writes about football or a football team. But I have been blogging for more than 14 years now. I used to be a hardcore Arsenal fan, and I still am today; it's just that I have stopped writing about Arsenal because we don't exactly seem to perform very well… :P

I feel nostalgic just going through some of my old Arsenal blog posts :)

I know, 14 years a blogger, that is a looong time to be blogging. But you know what? That is shorter than the last time we won the League! I started blogging in November 2004. The last League title we won was the previous 2003-04 season. Back when I used to passionately write about Arsenal, my friends from rival clubs used to tell me that it was because I started blogging that Arsenal stopped winning. Back then it was a lame joke, but as the years went by, it got harder and harder to ignore the nagging thought that this superstition was actually true, lolz.

Now, 14 years later, a new manager by the name of Unai Emery had finally stepped in to replace Wenger. Will we finally see a change?

For most of us Gooners, whether we love or hate Wenger, it is painful to watch him go because he's the ONLY Manager we know of as he was there ever since we first started watching football on cable here in India. I am not talking about British or European Arsenal fans who grew up with the Arsenal legacy under different Managers. This is purely about being a part of the action when the action was actually happening.

I have seen my fair share of so called Arsenal fans who claimed to have rejoiced when Ian Wright was the top scorer in '91. Some of the Indian Arsenal fans might have indeed experienced that, but the rest are all lying. That is akin to the so called Liverpool fans I know who said they were shocked to watch the Heysel Stadium disaster of '85 live on TV or the so called Manchester United fans who said they cried the moment they heard about Munich air disaster of '58 on the radio. Oh for crying out loud, yes, those incidents were indeed historic and sad, but here in India, there are two reasons they could have never experienced it live. One, we never had such broadcasts on our TV or radio back then, and two, most of them were not even born yet when those incidents happened.

And that is why Arsene Wenger is so special to those of us who got access to live football broadcast from the late 90's. He is the only Arsenal member we know who had been there right from the start. It's gonna be a bit awkward for us to see the team being managed by somebody else.

So here is to you, Mr. Arsene Wenger, Le Professeur, who not only changed Arsenal but the entire League as well. Thank you for all those great years, and thank you for "the sacrifice of your life". You will always be remembered, Sir. Merci beaucoup.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Chp 714. Milestone: 100 Perfect Games!

Yesss, I've finally reached 100 PERFECT GAMES on Steam. :) Taali bajaaoooo :P

It feels great to have another point to tick off from my bucket list. And yeah, it took me quite a while to achieve this milestone as well.

For those of you who are unaware, a Perfect Game on Steam is when you have unlocked every single achievement of a particular game. I've been recording my list of 100% achievement games for quite some time now, starting from 10 Perfect Games to 30 and so on. Here is a list of my previous Perfect Games blog posts:

Sure feels good to join the exclusive Century Perfect Games Club :)

So on this blog post, I'll quickly take you through some of the games that helped me reach 100 Perfect Games. Most of them are minimalistic puzzle games, and I hope you like them as well.

81. Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)

Total achievements unlocked: 19/19
Total time played: 12 hours
Game link: Never Alone
Cost of game: INR 479

I spent a good 12 hours on this game, and what an experience it gave me. It is a puzzle-platformer adventure game, but more emphasis is given on the story-telling. The story is based on a folk tale of the Iñupiaq people, one of the native tribes of Alaska. "Kisima Ingitchuna" means "I am not alone" and in the game, you control a young native girl called Nuna, who is helped by an arctic fox and various forest spirits etc. I highly recommend this game, you will not regret buying it. This game also won a lot of awards and accolades.

82. Lara Croft GO

Total achievements unlocked: 17/17
Total time played: 11 hours
Game link: Lara Croft GO
Cost of game: INR 369

I have mixed feelings about this game. The game is beautiful and every level is smartly designed, requiring you to think really hard before making the next move. However, it is a direct mobile-port game and the developers didn't even bother to change the control system. Having to swipe with my mouse (like a mobile touch-screen swipe) was utterly ridiculous. If you have this game on mobile, I recommend you do not buy the Steam version. Some of the levels were so challenging that I had to look for the walkthrough guide on YouTube :D so yeah, definitely a 5 star rating from me in terms of level designing. But having to freaking "swipe" with my freaking mouse took away a lot of the fun.

83. Turret Terminator

Total achievements unlocked: 346/346
Total time played: 4 hours
Game link: Turret Terminator
Cost of game: INR 59

A top-down shooter game meant for console but works perfectly well with a keyboard WASD direction control and mouse control for shoot. I love the game because of some of the challenging levels, but what I love the most about this game are the background music, including "Unity" by TheFatRat which brought back a lot of memories.

If you haven't heard of Unity by TheFatRat, here it is. Give it a try.

84. hocus

Total achievements unlocked: 4/4
Total time played: 8 hours
Game link: hocus
Cost of game: INR 58

Another mobile port game, this game actually gave me a good 8+ hours of intense mind-racking sessions, and it costs less than a dollar. Now that is what you call a good VFM. The levels are beautifully designed and can make you go crazy sometimes when you end up moving in the same loop over and over again, lolz. One of the best optical illusion puzzle games out there, I would rank this second after "Monument Valley". Definitely get it, either on Steam or your mobile (free on Google Play, $0.99 on App Store).

85. Cubic

Total achievements unlocked: 22/22
Total time played: 1 hour
Game link: Cubic
Cost of game: INR 42

A 3D tile puzzle game, I have played many similar games like this before and I still fall for it because I am a sucker for this type of puzzle games. It exercises the brains and relaxes me during a tough brainstorming session at work, reenergizing me and making me more productive.

86. Isotiles

Total achievements unlocked: 10/10
Total time played: 2 hours
Game link: Isotiles
Cost of game: INR 119

Another tiles and path puzzle game. The execution is a bit childish but the concept is good. Some of the levels were quite challenging. Get it if you have nothing else to do :)

87. LineWay

Total achievements unlocked: 1/1
Total time played: 50 mins
Game link: LineWay
Cost of game: INR 42

Ok I think you're starting to see a pattern here. Yes, this is yet another path based puzzle game. Lolz, what can I say, I really love this genre. This particular game has a very minimalistic and peaceful music ambience.

88. Lines by Nestor Yavorskyy

Total achievements unlocked: 590/590
Total time played: 2 hours
Cost of game: INR 42

One more line based puzzle game, but this one stands a bit out because of the relaxing background music and color treatment given to the game. There's also a free version of this game on Steam, get that first before you decide whether to buy this game or not.

89. Unium

Total achievements unlocked: 22/22
Total time played: 9 hours
Game link: Unium
Cost of game: INR 119

Another path based puzzle game, but this one has a different concept. Rather than joining two points or moving from point A to B or covering all tiles, there is a twist in this game guaranteed to make you think hard and deep. I took more than 9 hours to complete this game, and that too after cheating (looking up the solution guide for some of the tougher levels). Do buy this game.

90. Numberline

Total achievements unlocked: 13/13
Total time played: 90 minutes
Game link: Numberline
Cost of game: INR 85

A tile based game where every click counts. You must create an identical pattern, and trust me, it may look easy in the beginning, but you'll sweat through your pants at the harder levels. Good game to have in your collection. My only criticism of this game is that it is too short. Only 60 levels, out of which it started getting challenging only from around level 40 onward.

91. Micron

Total achievements unlocked: 11/11
Total time played: 2 hours
Game link: Micron
Cost of game: INR 259

A unique fusion of puzzle and rhythm game, you have to guide a couple of dots to their destination by creating different path deflections. Nice game.

92. Nice Way

Total achievements unlocked: 45/45
Total time played: 70 mins
Game link: Nice Way
Cost of game: INR 42

Another good time-pass puzzle game, though I feel it is more of a touch screen game that had been ported to PC. This game has good Physics built in it, so it gives a good gaming experience even if it is minimalistic in design.


Total achievements unlocked: 10/10
Total time played: 80 mins
Game link: SINKR
Cost of game: INR 42

Another mobile port game I really didn't mind buying on Steam. Good level design, except it is too short. With the number of varieties possible, I'm sure the developers/designers could have given us more levels, but I think they got lazy along the way, lolz. Funny thing about this game - on Google Play it costs  ₹ 65 while on Steam it is just  ₹ 42. Most games are usually more expensive on Steam, while they are cheaper or even free on Google Play. Strange.

94. Diamo XL

Total achievements unlocked: 14/14
Total time played: 2 hours
Game link: Diamo XL
Cost of game: INR 58

I was a bit skeptical at first about 100-percenting this quick-reaction game when I bought it because it is developed by Nickervision Studios and I could never get 100% achievement on any of their games as it gets too difficult after some time. But somehow, I played this game over and over again, and I guess I got lucky too, and finally got all the achievements! According to this game's Global Achievements Stats, only 4% of people playing this game have attained 100% achievement so far. Yayyyy :)

95. qop 2

Total achievements unlocked: 411/411
Total time played: 90 minutes
Game link: qop 2
Cost of game: INR 42

Similar to qop 1 which I covered earlier, I guess the only new element in this second installment is a new lock and key feature. Other than that, it is exactly similar to their first game. Buy this game only for the achievements.

96. Oik Memory

Total achievements unlocked: 500/500
Total time played: 30 minutes
Game link: Oik Memory
Cost of game: INR 42

A simple memory based pattern game. Mediocre at best. Buy this game only if you get it at a bundle.

97. Oik 3

Total achievements unlocked: 604/604
Total time played: 80 mins
Game link: Oik 3
Cost of game: INR 58

Casual time-pass physics based minimalistic game. Not very different from Oik 1 and 2. Get it for the achievements.

98. Zup! 7

Total achievements unlocked: 2880/2880
Total time played: 2 hours
Game link: Zup! 7
Cost of game: INR 42

Nothing very different from their earlier installments. Get it for the achievements.

99. Zup! 8

Total achievements unlocked: 2220/2220
Total time played: 3 hours
Game link: Zup! 8
Cost of game: INR 42

They have moving platforms now! :)

100. Next

Total achievements unlocked: 100/100
Total time played: 45 minutes
Game link: Next
Cost of game: INR 42

I am ashamed I even bought this game. Easy to 100% but utterly ridiculous game. Concept is common, but the execution is horrible, with a lot of bugs and glitches. Do not buy this game if you have any self-esteem!

And so with that, I crossed 100 Perfect Games on Steam. I can now rest in peace.

I'll cover more of food and TV shows and party scenes from my next posts onward, so cheers people, see you until my next blog update. Skrt skrt.